Premier Oilfield Equipment builds all of our production tanks to the industry standard API 12F specifications. 90% of the welds on our tanks are done with computerized welders in accordance with AWS procedures. All tops, bottoms, man-ways, seams, and couplers are welded on both sides of the sheet. Custom specs are available.

All production tanks manufactured at Premier Oilfield Equipment Co. are hydro-tested with our computerized, 100,000 gallon system. The production tank is then taken into one of our automated paint booths. Our paint crew can prep, paint, and load our tanks on a semi-trailer in less than two hours. From raw steel to finished product, our manufacturing facilities have the most up-to-date equipment built to insure the customer receives the best steel storage tank on the market. 200bbl, 300bbl, and 400bbl tanks available.

Premier Oilfield Equipment Standard Tank Sizing
100 BBL STD 12′ 5′
200 BBL STD 12′ 10′
300 BBL STD 12′ 15′
400 BBL STD 12′ 20′
500 BBL STD 12′ 25′
300 BBL LP (302 BBL) 15’6″ 9′
300 BBL LP (283 BBL) 15′ 9′
300 BBL SLP (303 BBL) 19′ 6′
400 BBL LP (409 BBL) 15′ 13′
400 BBL LP (403 BBL) 15’6″ 12′